Computer Liquid Damage Repair
Edmontons Top Rated Laptop Liquid Damage Repair Service. 24-Hour Turnaround. ✓95% Success-Rate ✓Fixed or Free | 587-333-8636

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Liquid Damage Repair Service Edmonton AB

Liquid Damaged Laptop or Device?

Edmonton ABs Most Reliable Computer Liquid Damage Repair Specialist. We will Pick up, Repair and Return Your Fully Functional Computer within 24 Hours


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Edmonton's Top Liquid Damage Repair Service

We Are Local.   We Are Trusted.   We Are Certified and Professional.

Tech!Espresso<sup>®</sup> <span itemprop='name'>Computer Liquid Damage <tag class='keepItTogether'>Repair</tag></span>
- How We Roll -

At Tech!Espresso®, we have the "Get it done" attitude you're looking for! Like a shot of Espresso, we are fast, affordable and get straight to the point.

We are a team of local computer repair technicians, licensed and certified to repair anything and everything computer related in minimal time and with maximum results. Our 40+ years experience, as well as our low rates and fixed or free policy, goes unmatched in the city of Edmonton!

There is no need to take your computer across town to a shop, wait a week or more for the repair and pay without knowing if it will work at home. We come to you, repair, test and let you confirm everything is working before we leave - and even before you pay. Fixed or Free.

Details for this service: Our certified technicians are professionaly trained to remove corrosion from your computer caused by liquid spills and water damage. We carefully dismantle your computer and thoroughly clean the mainboard, circuits and connections with a special alcohol based solution that eliminates corrosion and repairs damaged elements. During this extensive process, we meticulously inspect each component of your computer with precision tools which help us detect liquid damaged and corroded elements. These elements are carefully cleaned and repaired through solvents and silicon based compounds to ensure lasting results. A full diagnostic and thorough testing process of your system is performed to conclude the job and confirm the fully functional, polished result. Over the years, our local Edmonton AB family owned business, has developed a highly effective new process for repairing liquid damaged computers and devices with an amazing 95% success rate.

Step 1: Turn your computer off, unplug it and remove the battery if possible.
Step 2: Turn your laptop upside-down with the lid open to let it air.
Step 3: Give us a call or book online and we will come pick up your computer or device to have it fully repaired within 24 hours - guaranteed.

If you are feeling daring and adventurous, here is a Step-by-Step Video that will show you how to repair your liquid damaged computer on your own. Warning, this requires some technical knowledge and experience to fully dismantle your computer or device.

The Process

1We will give you a call 30 minutes before your set appointment to let you know we are on our way.

2We will pick up your computer and send you a receipt confirming that it is in our possesion.

3Your technician is highly qualified and will complete the lengthy repair process overnight, usually within 24 hours.

4After the technician has completed the repair he will thoroughly test the result and ask you to confirm the job.

5After the technician has completed the repair and testing process, he will return your computer and ask you to confirm the successful job.

6Once the functionality has been confirmed and you are happy with the results, we will then take payment via Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Cash or eTransfer and send the receipt to your eMail address.

7If the liquid damage repair is unsuccessful, you will not be charged for the job. In this case, we should be able to fully recover the files from your hard drive at our regular rate, if you wish.

We Do It All

Liquid damage doesn't just happen to computers. Anything can get drenched unfortunately, and we can take care of that for you.

Computers & Devices

• Windows: ACER, ASUS, Alienware, Dell, HP, Lenovo, Thinkpad, Toshiba and more.

• Apple: MacBook, MacBook Air, MacBook Pro, iMac, Mac Mini, Airport, Time Capsule, iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.

• We also repair liquid damaged Cell Phones and any other electronic device you can think of.

Software & Data

• We have a 95% success-rate at repairing your soaked machine, but in case we can't, we can always recover your personal files and data in a worst-case-scenario.

Liquid Spill? Here's What To Do!

If you've spilled a drink on your computer or if it fell into the tub, the next steps are the same:

• If it's not already off, unplug it and power it off immediately.

• If it's a laptop, open the lid all the way, put a towel down, turn it upside-down and let it sit to air out for a few hours.

• Do not attempt to turn it on until a professional Liquid Damage Repair Service is done.

• If you've already turned it back on, it may work for a while but will cause severe damage in a short time as the corrosion starts to build. Get it repaired before it shuts down completely.
F - A - Q

Questions about our Laptop Spill Repair Service? Have a gander below to see if we have the answer for you.

Taking all scenarios into consideration, it usually makes more sense to have your computer repaired directly in your home where you use it daily. The computer repair technician can then inspect your wifi network, cables, power outlets and printer connections for possible culprits to the problem at hand that otherwise would not be possible to do in a shop. Furthermore, you will not have to leave your private computer with strangers for an unknown period of time, you will have it serviced quicker, and the technician will be able to focus his full attention on your specific needs directly. The rates for in-home service are often also very similar to bring-in-shops as well. It is also important to note that remote services are only possible when your computer is in working condition and can connect to the internet.

The mobile technicians from Tech!Espresso® carry all the essential tools, software and spare parts with them to your home and provide a more direct attention focused service towards your specific needs, as opposed to having your computer at a shop. Based on feedback throughout the internet, customers feel that the quality of mobile services are far superior to those conducted in a shop.

We have technicians located throughout the cities of Calgary and Edmonton that are dispatched to local residents with an absolute minimal travel fee of $10 per visit. We also travel up to 70km from the city limits to surrounding areas, for which we bill only $1/km (one-way) to drive to your location.

The short answer is Yes, but you must act quick. Do not try powering your laptop on after the spill occured. Turn it off, remove the battery if possible and open the lid to let air until a professional can repair it. Do not attempt to dry the computer with a hot hair dryer as this could cause more damage. The success-rate for fixing your device is around 95% if you get a technician to conduct a liquid damage procedure within 3 to 4 days of the spill.

It is possible to repair your liquid damaged laptop yourself, but please consider that you will need the technical know-how to fully dismantel and reassemble your computer. It is recomended to have a professional liquid damage repair specialinst repair it for you to avoid further damage to your machine, but if you feel up to the task, here is a video to help guide you through the process. You will need 96% isopropyl alcohol, a soft toothbrush and a variety of tools to help you dismantel your computer.

We have a fixed-or-free policy which ensures that you will not be charged for our services, should we not be able to repair your liquid damaged computer or device. It is important to mention, however, that we have a success-rate of nearly 95%, so there is a high probability that the repair will be successful. In the worst-case-scenario, we will still be able to recover the files from your internal drive if you wish.


Extremely Affordable

Service to your door, doesn't cost more. Personal in-home service at the the lowest rates in Edmonton

Enjoy our $199 FlatRate special which includes: Extensive Liquid Damage Treatment, Full Diagnostic and Testing Services, 24 hour turnaround with Free pick up and Return to your home or business. Should the liquid damage be too great, rendering the repair unsuccessful, we can recover all of your files and will bill you for a single hour of diagnostic services only.

Residential  |  In-Home

You Book - We Pick up. Select a pick-up time that best suits your schedule, and we'll be there.

We pick-up and return

24 hour turnaround

Fixed or Free Repair Guarantee

48% Savings Over Geek Squad



Business  |  On-Site

You Book ~ We Fly. Businesses receive priority service. We will try our best to squeeze you in earlier.

We pick-up and return

24 hour turnaround

Fixed or Free Repair Guarantee

48% Savings Over Geek Squad



Remote  |  Over Internet

This service is not available remotely. Liquid Damage Repair requires in-person service.







Bring-In  |  Drop-Off

Come on over. Drop your liquid damaged computer off with one of our technicians that works from home and save the $10 travel fee.

You Come To Us

No Travel Fee - obviously

Fixed or Free Repair Guarantee

48% Savings Over Geek Squad



*The FlatRate price is per single computer or device. Contact us for discount pricing on repairing multiple liquid damaged computers.

On-Line Booking


• $10 Travel Fee within Edmonton. ($10 + $1/km for Locations Outside of the Edmonton City Limits).


• Please select whether we would be coming to your home or business, or if you would like us to repair your computer remotely over the internet. You may also choose to drop-off your computer to a technician working from home. The address will be provided after selecting a time below.

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