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DIY Virus Removal

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Virus Removal Service CostaBlanca (Spain)

Virus, Malware, Spyware & Ransomware Removal

We will remove all viruses, re-secure your computer and optimize it for best performance. Usually within a single hour, directly in your home or business in CostaBlanca (Spain), while you watch

In-Home Service    Fixed-or-Free

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CostaBlanca's Top Virus Removal Service

We Are Local.   We Are Trusted.   We Are Certified and Professional.

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- How We Roll -

At Techs-on-the-Beach®, we have the "Get it done" attitude you're looking for! Like a shot of Espresso, we are fast, affordable and get straight to the point.

We are a team of local computer repair technicians, licensed and certified to repair anything and everything computer related in minimal time and with maximum results. Our 40+ years experience, as well as our low rates and fixed or free policy, goes unmatched in the city of CostaBlanca!

There is no need to take your computer across town to a shop, wait a week or more for the repair and pay without knowing if it will work at home. We come to you, repair, test and let you confirm everything is working before we leave - and even before you pay. Fixed or Free.

Watch us work Most places will not show you what was done to resolve the problem you were having with your computer or device - that's not how we operate. Please look us over the shoulder if you like. We encourage our customers to learn our procedures and take easy to follow notes, so you can fix some issues on your own, saving you time and money in the future (optional and of course free). Please also feel free to try some of our recommended tools to keep your computer running secure and smooth.

Virus or Malware Infection? Our professional Windows PC and Apple Mac certified Virus, Malware, Spyware, Popup Adware, Trojan and Ransomware removal technicians, do house calls! We can do a full virus sweep and system optimization usually within a single hour directly in your home or business while you watch.

We are trained to remove all known security threats such as Viruses, Adware, Fileless Malware, Worms, Trojans, Bots, Ransomware, Spyware, Rootkits, and Mobile Malware, including: Clop Ransomware, Fake Windows Updates, Zeus Gameover, RaaS, News Malware Attacks, Fleeceware, IoT Device Attacks, Social Engineering, Cryptehijacking, Artificial Intelligence (AI) Attacks, Fake Police Virus, RCMP Virus, UKASH, Downloader.MDW, Conduit and everything else that has managed to make its way onto your personal computer - Guaranteed! Not only will we cure your Computer of all security threats - We will re-optimize it for best performance and better secure your computer against future attacks. We are in a true sense, your personal in-home computer security and virus removal team here in CostaBlanca, eager to help keep your computer secure and virus free, whenever you need us. If you would like to try the Virus Removal Proceedure on your own, we have written an easy to follow tutorial to save you some money.

If your bank account has been blocked by your banking institution due to malware on your system, please see here.

The Process

1We will give you a call 30 minutes before your set appointment to let you know we are on our way.

2When your technician arrives, he will sanitize himself, as well as your equipment, before and after the virus removal process.

3Your technician is highly qualified and will immediately begin working to remove all virus, malware, spyware and ransomware infections from your computer, while preserving all of your files and configurations in the process.

4After the technician has completed the virus sweep, he will thoroughly test the result and ask you to confirm the job.

5If necessary, the technician may recommend a more effective Anti-Virus software solution for you going forward.

6Once the job is completed and you are happy with the results, we will then take payment via Credit, Debit, Apple Pay, Android Pay, Cash or eTransfer and send the receipt to your eMail. The entire job is usually completed within 1 hour.

7You will also receive an eMail from your technician shortly after the visit describing what viruses were removed and what was done to re-secure your computer.

Bank Certified

We issue Virus Removal Certificates! We are an authorized service provider of the RBC Royal Bank of Canada, TD Toronto Dominion Bank, Scotia Bank, BMO Bank of Montreal and CIBC Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce, for certified Virus Removal delegation.

If your computer or device has fallen victim to a cyber-attack which led to fraudulent transactions regarding your personal or business bank account, your banking institution may request a certificate verifying the removal of aforementioned malicious computer infections before your account can be re-activated.

Our certified PBVC and BBVC Virus Sweep process covers the full removal of all infections, system re-secure and a detailed infection report with 'Proof of Removal Certificate'. Going forward, here are some tips form CIBC to help keep your computer and banking information safe. Book this service now.

*All certifications reflect the brand and model of the inspected computer(s) as well as their serial numbers for cross referencing procedures conducted by the banking institution.

Private Certificate

PBVC: Personal Banking Virus Removal Certification:

Please mention PBVC in the comments when booking your appointment, or to the technician performing the job and we will issue the certificate upon completion of the service. Present the certificate to your bank for full reactivation of your Personal Banking account(s).

Business Certificate

BBVC: Business Banking Virus Removal Certification:

Please mention BBVC in the comments when booking your appointment, or to the technician performing the job and we will issue the certificate upon completion of the service. Present the certificate to your bank for full reactivation of your Business Banking account(s).

Most Active Virus Today

Fake Windows Updates (Hidden Ransomware): Hackers have been increasingly sending emails that instruct readers to install urgent Windows OS updates. The emails trick readers into installing the "latest" Windows updates, which are actually ransomware <.exe> files in disguise.

The ransomware contained in these emails is known as . It encrypts all of your files and programs and demands a ransom payment to un-encrypt your data.

Unfortunately, many email service providers and basic antivirus software aren't able to detect and block these emails. This is a good reason why you may want to consider regular check-ups from us in the future.
F - A - Q

Questions about our Virus Removal Service? Have a gander below to see if we have the answer for you.

Taking all scenarios into consideration, it usually makes more sense to have your computer repaired directly in your home where you use it daily. The computer repair technician can then inspect your wifi network, cables, power outlets and printer connections for possible culprits to the problem at hand that otherwise would not be possible to do in a shop. Furthermore, you will not have to leave your private computer with strangers for an unknown period of time, you will have it serviced quicker, and the technician will be able to focus his full attention on your specific needs directly. The rates for in-home service are often also very similar to bring-in-shops as well. It is also important to note that remote services are only possible when your computer is in working condition and can connect to the internet.

The mobile technicians from Techs-on-the-Beach® carry all the essential tools, software and spare parts with them to your home and provide a more direct attention focused service towards your specific needs, as opposed to having your computer at a shop. Based on feedback throughout the internet, customers feel that the quality of mobile services are far superior to those conducted in a shop.

We have technicians located throughout the cities of Calgary and Edmonton that are dispatched to local residents with an absolute minimal travel fee of $10 per visit. We also travel up to 70km from the city limits to surrounding areas, for which we bill only $1/km (one-way) to drive to your location.

In most cases, our professional technician can perform a full virus sweep and sytem optimization that will effectively remove all known viruses, malware, spyware and ransomware infections from your computer within a single hour. The hourly rate is 50 € for the in-home services, and 40 € for remote support over the internet. If your bank account has been blocked due to fraud resulting from a virus attack, we will provide you with an official Virus-Removal-Certificate, that you can give to your bank representative to reactivate your account, after we have fully cleaned your computer.

We recommend using a combination of 3 different programs to remove viruses from your Windows computer. CCleaner, Malwarebytes and SuperAntiSpyware. There is a specific process involved that you can do on your own if you are up to the task. Follow this easy DIY virus removal guide to help you accomplish this.

We have a fixed-or-free policy which ensures that you will not be charged for our services, should we not be able to repair your computer or device. It is important to mention, however, that Techs-on-the-Beach® employs only top certified professionals that are capable of repairing 99% of all computer related issues that you may encounter, immediately during the first visit.


Extremely Affordable

Service to your door, doesn't cost more. Personal in-home service at the the lowest rates in CostaBlanca

One rate for all services! We charge by the hour and not by the item. This allows us to complete everything on your list without billing you for each individual task. Our fully certified technicians work very efficiently in getting everything resolved quickly - and correctly - the very first time, so you save money now - and later down the road through lasting results.

Residential  |  In-Home

You Book ~ We Come. Select a time that best suits your schedule and we'll be on time, Tools in hand!

We Come to Your Home

Only 10 € Travel Fee in CostaBlanca

Fixed or Free Repair Guarantee

48% Savings Over Other Shops


50 €

Business  |  On-Site

You Book ~ We Fly. Businesses receive priority service. We will try our best to squeeze you in earlier.

We Come to Your Business

Only 10 € Travel Fee in CostaBlanca

Priority Service

48% Savings Over Other Shops


60 €

Remote  |  Over Internet

Sit tight. With your permission, we will connect to your PC or MAC over the internet and repair it while you watch.

Repairs over the Internet

100% Private & Secure Connection

Immediate Service

Fixed-or-Free Service Guarantee


40 €

Bring-In  |  Drop-Off

Come on over. There is no bring-in shop, but you can drop your computer off with one of our technicians that works from home.

You Come To Us

No Travel Fee - obviously

Fixed or Free Repair Guarantee

48% Savings Over Other Shops


50 €

*Prices may vary depending on the severity of the virus or malware and condition of your computer, but in most cases our virus sweep proceedure typically only takes 1 hour to complete.

On-Line Booking


• We currently only offer Remote Services in Spain. We will connect to your computer over the internet for repairs. OnSite Services not available.


• Please select whether we would be coming to your home or business, or if you would like us to repair your computer remotely over the internet. You may also choose to drop-off your computer to a technician working from home. The address will be provided after selecting a time below.

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